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Farah Al Qaissieh -Stutter UAE- StutterFest 2021

One should never feel ashamed of their stutter. @farahalqaissieh explains the turmoil a child who stutters feels but how acknowledging it and providing the right environment can help a child feel comfortable with their stutter. Listen to @farahalqaissieh discussing stuttering and its various aspects at the Stutter Fest 2021....

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Stuttering Awareness Day in Abu Dhabi

On Saturday 19th October, Stutter UAE organized its annual gathering at Anantara Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi. Under the group’s motto “celebrating our accent”, dozens of people from different nationalities got together. ...


I Iberoamerican Stuttering Congress

m 10 until 12 of October the Stuttering Treatment Center (iStutter) co-organized the I Iberoamerican Stuttering Congress, in Cusco, Peru, with Multitherapies and Rosa Luz Aguero, local speech language pathologist....