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Platform and Mobile Application Terms of use

istutter center is an online speech therapy service provider. As part of our speech therapy programs, we may ask you to provide us additional information concerning your generic wellbeing, as well as feedback on the quality and suitability of the services we deliver.

These questions range from “how do you feel today?” to “severity of speech impairment?” or “perceived impact of the sessions in your social and professional activities?”. This information, which is entirely voluntary, will be collected by your speech therapist(s) during sessions or inserted by yourself in our speech therapy Platform.

Your personal information will only be made available to your speech therapist(s) and istutter’s coordination team.

Providing additional information is entirely optional, but enables you to better progress in your sessions, access valuable non-identifiable statistical data or to find helpful ways of interacting with your speech therapist(s) and, potentially, with other people who are also enrolled in our speech therapy sessions.

You may change or withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email directly to [email protected]er Please indicate in the subject matter: “Withdrawal of consent” followed by your “first and last name”. As for the mobile app, please uninstall your iOS and Android applications. Backup copies of this data will be removed from our servers based upon an automated schedule, which means it may persist in our archive for at most thirty (30) days. istutter center may continue to use your de-identified data.

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