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Happy World Voice Day!

Celebrate World Voice Day with us! 🎉🗣️ Today, April 16th, we are excited to launch the "Voice of Glory - Speechcare"! This educational resource, with content designed by our Lisbon-based Speech Therapist, Tânia Constantino, is available for download and is perfect for use with family, in the classroom, or during Speech Therapy sessions! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📚 The voice is one of the most important tools of communication. A healthy and functional voice is essential for emotional and social well-being, facilitating success in personal and professional relationships. 💬✨ Are you ready to test your knowledge and learn more about the voice and how to take care of it? Don't waste any more time, download the attached files and dive into this fun game! 🎲 #WorldVoiceDay #GameOfGlory #Speechcare #SpeechTherapy #Voice ...

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