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Speech Immersion Hub

We’re very proud of our highly-realistic Video-VR Immersive Prototype for People Who Stutter (PWS), developed with the support of #h2020DIGIBCUBE, #EU_H2020.

The Speech Immersion Hub aims to revolutionise the way stuttering assessments are currently held, as well as to reinforce the quality of ongoing treatment monitoring. This device, which can be controlled remotely, has the potential to be used in several other communication conditions, as well as to improve the training of Speech and Language Pathologists.

This prototype is the result of three committed and complementary teams working together:

Software Development: many thanks to Dirk Dresch and Lukas Haas from Sherlock GmbH;
3D Filming: impressive work by Nicolas Delaunay, who also filmed and produced this video, from;
Stuttering Research Protocols and Testing: kudos to Gonçalo Leal (clinical supervision) and Bernardo Aguiar (project management).

Special thanks to Gerald A Maguire, MD for his inestimable support, active collaboration and inspiration, to Ana Rita S. Valente and Samuel Silva, from Universidade de Aveiro, and to our amazing team at iStutter, particularly to Rita Carneiro, Ricardo Sequeira Augusto, Bárbara Marques, Cátia Catita, Carlota Leitão, Sara Mendes and Carlos Brandão.

We’re now looking forward to the next steps. If interested in knowing more, contact us at [email protected]

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