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I Stutter.

Is there effective stuttering treatment?


We help people who stutter to become more effective and impactful communicators, enabling more confident and participative social and professional interactions, without losing authenticity.
But if there is effective stuttering treatment, why do people who stutter (PWS) continue struggling with it, oftentimes enduring very difficult day-to-day situations?
From our experience, two strong and intertwined reasons help to explain this state-of-play:
unawareness 1
Persistent unawareness about stuttering

Perpetuating wrongful and damaging stereotypes, even within PWS, e.g., associating stuttering with anxiety or, much worse, the supreme ignorance of linking it with low IQ.

shorten therapist
Shortage of trained stuttering therapists

Leading to frustrating experiences with undertrained or unfitted professionals. Unfortunately, after such experiences, many PWS give up searching for proper treatment.

We are profoundly committed to reverse both situations. As of 2010, we are working relentlessly to change how stuttering is viewed by society and we helped hundreds of PWS improving their lives by providing specialized treatment. We are thrilled to bring this expertise to the United Arab Emirates.

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