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iStutter Center welcomes Gerald Maguire as Global Medical Director

iStutter Treatment Center is very proud to welcome Dr. Gerald A. Maguire, MD, Professor Emeritus and Founding Chair of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine, Chair of Research and Development of the World Stuttering Network, Chair of Psychiatry at Doc1 Healthcare, and former Chair of the National Stuttering Association and former Vice Chair of the International Stuttering Association, as our Global Medical Director.

Dr. Maguire will assist iStutter in its mission of firmly increasing our global outreach via actively advising and participating in our many distinct spheres of activity: the provision of high-quality, comprehensive multidisciplinary therapy for the those who stutter; Specialized training to Speech and Language Pathologists, Medical Doctors, Psychologists and other healthcare professionals; Advocacy and Support as we decrease stigma and empower those in the stuttering community; and Research and Development projects, such as Video-VR applied to stuttering treatment and the implementation and analysis of emerging biologic and pharmacologic therapies complementing speech therapies.

“I accepted the invitation to join iStutter with extreme honor as our team, working collaboratively across multiple disciplines, will positively impact our stuttering community. As a person who stutters myself, I embrace these transformative times as we break down barriers by expanding research and enabling comprehensive treatment models for stuttering research and clinical practice. My colleagues at iStutter and I share the same level of enthusiasm, commitment and ambition. We will make use of every resource available, such as medical and technology developments, to impact the way stuttering therapy is currently practiced and, thereby, improve the qualities of life of my fellow persons who stutter”, says Dr. Maguire.

“I am honored to have my good friend, and colleague, Dr. Maguire, whom I deeply admire, as our Global Medical Director. As a world-renown researcher, educator, and clinician, Gerald will bring to the whole team an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise, but also his passion and deep sense of commitment to help people who stutter and their families”, states Gonçalo Leal, iStutter’s Clinical Director.

Farah Al Qaissieh, iStutter’s MENA Region Managing Director, affirms that “Dr. Maguire shares our common vision of supporting people who stutter worldwide via a human-centered approach which brings together technology, research, pharmaceutical developments and enriching partnerships. I am very happy to have Gerald on-board”.

About iStutter Center: We are an experienced and multidisciplinary team of Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) dedicated to the treatment and support of people who stutter from all ages, to specialized training of SLPs and to R&D.”

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