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Celebrating Our Global Medical Director’s achievements


Today we want to spotlight a significant accomplishment in the field of mental health care. Our esteemed Global Medical Director, Gerald A. Maguire, MD, is announcing a unique Psychiatry Residency Program in California, a significant milestone for medical education. 

For those who may be unfamiliar, a ‘residency program’ is a stage in graduate medical training where a doctor gains practical experience in a specific specialty while supervised by experienced physicians. This innovative program, led by Dr. Maguire and his team at the College Medical Center, promises to be a unique blend of community-based and academically focused learning for the future generation of psychiatrists. 

This initiative, independent of iStutter Center, emphasizes Dr. Maguire’s continuous dedication to enhancing mental health care, further deepening our pride in having him as a critical member of our team. 

As a psychiatrist deeply committed to mental health issues, he profoundly understands the pressures individuals who stutter can face in various everyday activities, contributing immensely to our mission at the iStutter Center. 

We are truly honored to have Dr. Maguire, with his empathy, vast expertise, and dedicated commitment to addressing mental health concerns, especially as they affect individuals who stutter and the communication and social challenges they may face in their personal and family lives. 

Congratulations to Dr. Maguire on this outstanding accomplishment and for continually raising the bar in the field of mental health!


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