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Stuttering Talks

Stuttering Talks

The 2nd edition of our “Stuttering Talks” brought together more than 150 participants from 32 countries. The majority were Speech and Language Therapists, but we also welcomed other health professionals, and people who stutter and their families.

This is the essence of the Stuttering Awareness Month: openly discuss evidence-based research about stuttering, share different cultural experiences, deconstruct prejudices and disseminate knowledge. Our wonderful panel of speakers, moderated by iStutter’s Clinical Director, Gonçalo Leal, addressed the following topics:

– Innovation to cope with the daily challenges of therapy
– Evidence-based practice and stuttering
– Stuttering and other comorbidities
– The role of advocacy
– Stuttering and cluttering- the differential diagnosis

During the event we also announced the 2nd Edition of our course “Stuttering Awareness and Treatment”- for Speech and Language Therapists willing to deepen their knowledge in this fascinating field. It is entirely online, composed of 25 hours of recorded classes and 6 hours of live sessions. It also includes dozens of Multiple Question Exercises to cement the knowledge. It kicks-off on the 14th November and lasts 3 months. Are you interested on knowing more? Simple click here:

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