Treatment Methodology

We use an integrated stuttering treatment methodology, which encompasses three intertwined but distinct approaches:

Cognitive therapy

Management of communication attitudes

Speech Management

iStutter’s methodology is divided into


Which, on average, totalize 24 initial treatment sessions,
covering a period of 6 months

Learn more about speech, communication and stuttering. “What happens when I stutter?” is a question we will address in detail.


Empowering the individual to deal with different stuttering moments (thoughts and emotions). Live without fear!

Stuttering Modification

How to deal with the feeling of loss of control/ struggle/ physical tension? Learn how to manage the sensorimotor transformations that accompany stuttering.

Communication skills

Co-development of tailor-made strategies to become a more confident and effective communicator.

Fluency Shapping

Reducing the length and frequency of stuttering moments


To apply the learned techniques into social and professional contexts. Change for good!

After this period, maintenance sessions will be programmed according to PWS’ needs, but, once per month is the post-treatment average for the first 1-2 years.

At each different module, an assessment is undertaken to make sure the PWS is ready to move forward to the next stage or, in some specific cases, if s/he is able to skip one module.

The continuous incorporation of data will facilitate the clinical-profiling of PWS at these different stages, hence enabling a future acceleration of the treatment. This six-month methodology is crucial to prepare PWS, who, thereon, as referred, will be equipped to evolve towards a more flexible set of (online or offline) consultations.

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