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Preliminary Stuttering Assessment - Online
for Children & Adults
Limited places available.
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This 30-minute session is intended to provide a preliminary assessment of your stuttering behaviors, as well as to indicate potential strategies to overcome your most difficult communication challenges. In addition, it will explain you the potential of individualized stuttering therapy.
Please respect the meeting schedule.

Why this assessment ?

Globally, we undertake more than 1000 sessions per month. Many of our customers confide us that, had they met us earlier, they would have started therapy many years ago.

Others tell us that they were fearful of reaching out for a session, either because they had unfortunate experiences with therapy, or simply because it seemed such a hard journey to embark on.

This assessment aims to shed light on stuttering treatment approaches and its expected outcomes.

It will be held in a 1-to-1 conversational format, which, besides the assessment itself (20 minutes), is intended to make you perfectly at ease to pose questions, e.g., about stuttering or the potential impact of speech therapy to attain your personal and professional goals (10 minutes).

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Limited places available.
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Please follow these steps:

We ask parents to film 2-3 videos, in which the child’s speech disfluencies are visible. Ideally, these videos should illustrate normal daily situations: the child playing on the floor, a shared family meal, etc. We recommend a maximum duration of 2 minutes per video.

During the session, we will ask parents (1 or both) to share the screen to jointly view and discuss the referred videos.

We will assess the child’s behaviours and confirm whether they are stuttering-like disfluencies or if it is a distinct condition. Then, we will explain why these behaviours occur and what kind of strategies should you adopt to help your child. We will also provide advice on how to approach his/her kindergarten or school.

Our speech therapists are specifically trained to work with children who stutter. Do not hesitate in booking this preliminary assessment.

Limited places available.


Acquiring greater knowledge about stuttering

Managing anxiety levels

Steps to communicate effectively


The reasons behind stuttering variability

What strategies can I start to adopt

10% discount on your first session (fully optional)

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